Frequently Asked Questions


How do you have such complete inventory availability?

We work with a network of local and national distributor partners, allowing us to customize our availability and ensure we have everything that your team needs.

Where do you source your parts?

Our parts come directly from other supplier partners or straight from the manufacturer.

What can you not offer?

We can find anything that you need. However, since we don't hold items in stock, we cannot always guarantee next-day shipping unless a local partner has availability.

Do you stock PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?

Yes, our distributors supply a range of PPE—masks, gloves, touchless dispensers, etc.


How do we get started with Clickpart?

Send us invoices for your frequently ordered items. We'll provide back a quote with 15-25% total savings.

Over time, we'll proactively suggest orders so you never run out of stock.

You can get quotes on anything else using our live assistant.

What are your different tiers?

You'll begin by ordering stock items from us, with an option for reminders/automatic reorders. For everything else, our live assistant will give you a quote.

Over time, we can set up an inventory system for you—either by giving you tools to organize yourself, or have Clickpart come in to organize and restock.

How do we place orders?

You can order easily within the app or email, call, or text us to place an order.

What does your app do?

Engineers can use our app to place orders, track statuses, review what is in stock, and message with the Clickpart team.

The Chief and Assistant Chief Engineers can use our management portal to approve orders, review spend, and set budgets/spend limits.


How do you secure price savings?

We save you money by comparing across our partners to find the best pricing and availability.

Are your products high-quality?

We source only original branded products. The only difference is that we source from a reputable supplier who can provide better pricing than your current supplier.

How much is delivery?

We only charge at-cost delivery from our supplier partner. This will be quoted for every order.

Is there a cost for Clickpart?

Clickpart—our app, live assistant, and any service—is free to use. Like other marketplaces, we make money by taking a cut from the supplier.